Build an income portfolio

I was reading 10 reasons you should never get a job and  it led me to question work and money.  If I am to choose a life on my terms, then I need to find ways to earn my living outside of the norm. I don’t want to conform to society anymore, so I am now subscribed to developing “an income portfolio”, including generating income through investments that will work for themselves. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before.  Property investment has always been on my radar but for some reason, it just didn’t occur that this was my gateway to a life on my terms.  I have lots of thoughts around this so this will be a project on its own – a tennis ball to pursue. It’s not going to be immediate but the planning has started.

I worry about money a lot.  I wasn’t poor growing up but we definitely had to save and budget for luxuries.  My mum has taught me a lot about money management and thus I have made good financial decisions.

Although I am a strong financial planner, I fear being financial insecure when I am old. I definitely don’t need to live like a princess but I don’t want to live hand to mouth either. I want to have enough to be able to live comfortably for the rest of my life.

Making investments that will provide an income will at least provide the financial security I need to pursue projects and tennis balls of more interest.

The sense of relief is amazing once you make that realisation.